Pure Rose Oil, Rosa Damascena in Bulgarian Konkum

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If you are feeling down lately and are in search of something to spruce up your life, then it sounds like it’s time for your medicine cabinet to get a makeover. And we’ve got just the thing for you. Rose Oil in Bulgarian Konkum is an essential oil that has been made by extracting the essence of the Rosa Damascena, which is more commonly known for being used for creating emotional balance and improving healthy skin.

In fact, rose oil has been used throughout history for various uses that range from hormonal and digestive, to promoting healthy skin and bringing an overall improvement to one’s health. This essential oil is also used to increase libido. Men or women who have planned a romantic evening together can either rub just a few drops of Rose Oil in Bulgarian Konkum on their neck, or diffuse the rose oil throughout the bedroom.

By far, the best part about this product is that it can also be used along with other cosmetic products as well. For instance, combining this essential rose oil with a cream or lotion will help open up the pores so that more nutrients can be absorbed through the skin. What this means is, not only does Rose Oil in Bulgarian Rose help enhance your skin when used alone, it can also provide you with the same benefits when used alongside another beauty product. So, what are you waiting for? Get this product today and help enhance your skin’s beauty and get that glow you’ve always been looking for.

Active Ingredients:

100% Pure, original Bulgarian Rose oil.

How to Use:

• Take two drops of rose oil and mix in one tsp of base oil and use the mixture for a body massage.

• To prepare a bath, pour 5 to 8 drops in a tub full of warm water.

• Use aromatherapy lamps to repel insects and purify the air.